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Junk Runners has been providing affordable, fast & reliable piano removal & disposal services since 2007 and offers great pricing, trusted quotes and a commitment to efficient, courteous service.

We’ve successfully moved and disposed of more than 100 pianos over the years and have never had a complaint. Not one.

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Hiring Junk Runners Means You're Supporting A Local Business

Expert Piano Removal Companies In Oshawa and Durham Region
Expert Piano Removal Companies In Oshawa and Durham Region

So, How Much Do We Charge For Our Removal Services?

Since every location is unique, there is no standard charge for piano removal and disposal services.

If you would like to send us an image of your layout and answer a few questions, please use our contact page to send a form message and we should be able to give you a quote right away.

Hiring Us For All Of Your Piano Removal Needs Is Super-Easy!

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We'll Come Out And Remove Your Piano!

We’ll agree to to a day and time that works for you and take your piano away.

Our Quick, 3-Step System To Effective Piano Dismantling, Removal & Disposal Services

As experts in piano removal, all of our staff are trained and insured. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry.

Expert Piano Dismantling, REmoval & Disposal Services In Oshawa & Durham Region
Expert Piano Dismantling, REmoval & Disposal Services In Oshawa & Durham Region
Five Star Review

As much as we hated getting rid of our old family piano, it was time for it to go and Junk Runners did an amazing job. They were done super-fast and there was nothing for us to do. Thanks again!

- Nicole Sanders

Five Star Review

We had a piano in our living room that took up a lot space and hadn't been played in a long time. We called Junk Runners and the guys were in and out in no time. We were impressed, actually. Great work!

- Keith Bonder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring anyone – like us – you can always try to donate it by calling around to your local community organizations.

If the piano is in relatively decent and working condition, they may agree to come and get it at no charge to you.

Local churches, The Salvation Army and Goodwill are worth contacting.

If that doesn’t work out, call us for a free and accurate on-site quote.

The cost of removing and disposing of your piano will depend on a few things, like where it’s located in the house, which floor, the type of access available, the amount of stairs involved and more.

Please give us a call so we can discuss your specific details and we should be able to give you an accurate quote over the telephone.

If we need to come out for an on-site inspection first, we’ll arrange a date and time to do so and then give you your guaranteed quote.

This will depend on where the piano is located and what will need to be done to it in order to get it out of the home safely and without any damage to the premises.

Every situation is different, so please call us and we’ll discuss your details.

That being said, if the piano is in a larger area and on the first floor, we can typically have it removed within an hour.


When it comes to removing a piano from a home, the size and style doesn’t really matter and we will take care of it quickly, safely and with no damage to your home whatsoever.

Sometimes, depending on the task at hand, a bit of a mess is unavoidable.

Any mess from the dismantling process will be cleaned-up by us before we leave the premises.

None at all.

We come prepared and use the right equipment for anything that comes up to protect your wood floors, tiles, drywall, etc.

We have successfully moved more than 100 pianos without any damage and have had no client complaints whatsoever.

We appreciate that there is often sentimental value involved and we always try find the piano a new home or donate it to a worthy cause that will get good use from it.

As a last we resort, we take it to the transfer station where it will be recycled as much as possible.

No, it won’t.

If the layout and environment are the same as what you have told us on the phone, our quote will remain valid and will not increase.

If adjustments do need to be made, we will explain why and discuss them with you first.

Call Us For A Fast & Free Quote.

Take a minute and call us toll-free to discuss your project, get a pricing quote and set up a time for us to come out.

(or click here to send a contact form instead)

Driving Directions:

Located in Oshawa, Ontario, we are on Labrador Drive, just south of Belvedere Avenue.

If you are driving east along King Street (Highway 2), continue past Grandview Street South and your next right turn will be Rockcliffe Street.

Turn right (south) on Rockcliffe Street, then right again (west) on Belvedere Avenue and then left (south) onto Labrador Drive.

If you are driving west along King Street (Highway 2), continue two streets past Townline Road South to Athabasca Street.

Turn left (south) onto Athabasca Street, then turn right on Belvedere and drive two blocks to Labrador Drive. Turn left (south) onto Labrador Drive.

Local landmarks include a McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Harvey’s restaurant.

Public Transit:

You can take the King Street Eastbound bus (902) to Rockcliffe Street or the Westbound (92) bus to the stop at Athabasca Street.

The eastbound Rockcliffe Street bus stop ID is: 1198.

The westbound Athabasca Street bus stop ID is: 1134.

Please visit the Durham Region Transit website’s schedule page for routes, fares and times.


Free parking is available on our property or on Labrador Drive.