Junk Removal Pricing

We Offer Up-Front Junk Removal Pricing Without Any Surprises Or Upselling.

The quote we give you will be the total amount you pay. Period.

Don’t be misled by any junk removal pricing that includes additional fees and surprise costs.

Once we confirm what will be involved with your job, we’ll give you a firm quote that we will honour, every time.

With Junk Runners, you’re covered.

Junk Removal Pricing Costs In Oshawa & Durham Region

Our Minimum Load Charge Is

$118.00 (+ 15.34 HST)

TotalĀ = $133.34

Pricing For Regular Household Junk Items

We offer standard pricing for general household junk that is based on the size of the load.

Please see size examples below.

One Eighth Load Pricing

One-Eighth (1/8) Load

$168.00 (+ $21.84 HST)

Total = $189.84

One Quarter Load Pricing

One-Quarter (1/4) Load

$278.00 (+ $36.14 HST)

Total = $314.14

One Half Full Load Pricing

One-Half (1/2) Load

$418.00 (+ $54.34 HST)

Total = $472.34

Three Quarter Full Load Pricing

Three-Quarter (3/4) Load

$478.00 (+ $62.14 HST)

Total = $540.14

Full Load Pricing

Full Load

$558.00 (+ $72.54 HST)

Total = $630.54

Mega Load Pricing

Mega-Full Load

$718.00 (+ $93.34 HST)

Total = $811.34

Quotes For All Other Junk Items

The Following Items Will Need To Be Inspected Prior To Issuing Quotes.

We will arrange for you to send us a photo of your items.

Construction Debris

We cannot give a quote on construction or renovation debris until we have a chance to inspect and confirm how much material there is, the weight and amount of time it will take to load and unload.


We cannot give a quote on piano removal & disposal until we have a chance to inspect the environment for such things as access, stairs, weight and if it will need to be taken apart prior to being moved.

Hot Tubs

We won’t be able to quote you on a hot tub removal and disposal job until we know how big it is, what it is attached to, the type of access we have to it and how long it will take to disassemble and load.


Unfortunately, hoarding and extreme-cleaning jobs vary greatly in overall scope and it would be impossible for us to offer you an accurate quote without physically seeing the area in person first.

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