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We understand the complexities surrounding hoarding behavior and know there is always a lot more to each situation than just the cleaning part of it.

In addition to our professional hoarding cleaning, removal & disposal services, we also work closely with a support team of experts and are equipped to handle all levels of hoarding.

As needed, we’ll offer you additional connections to assist with the recovery process.

As your hoarding cleaning specialists, we’re here to help walk you through this challenging time with start-to-finish services that will make it easier for everyone involved.

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Extreme Hoarding Cleaning Companies In Oshawa & Durham Region
Extreme Hoarding Cleaning Companies In Oshawa & Durham Region

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We Offer A Lot More To Our Clients Than Just Hoarding Cleaning & Disposal Services

We find that a lot of our hoarding clients – along with their families – can benefit from additional supports and we have the types of trusted connections needed to offer them.

Five Star Review

Wow!!! I still can't believe these guys cleaned up my dad's entire house in less than a week. It was in really bad shape and we were all feeling hopeless at the beginning. Thanks again for all of your help!

- Cindy P.

Do You Need Help With A Hoarding Situation?

If you know someone who would benefit from having a professional hoarding cleaning company come in, please do not wait until the situation worsens before calling someone.

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With Junk Runners, You'll Get Start-To-Finish Hoarding Removal, Disposal, Cleaning & More!

Complete Item Removal

All items will be  removed from the premises, bagged, secured & placed into our bins or trucks.

Ethical Item Disposal

We’ll properly dispose of the items by way of donations, recycling depots and the transfer stations.

Professional Cleaning

Once everything has been removed, we can properly clean, sanitize and restore the premises.

Additional Supports

We’ll help to connect  you with community supports to continue with the healing process.

Extreme Hoarding Cleaning Companies In Oshawa & Durham Region

Here Is An Example Of How We Work With Our Clients

Even in the most extreme hoarding cleaning cases, we will go through all of a client’s belongings and help them to keep what matters most.

This can be challenging, as many hoarders prefer to keep everything and claim that every single item in the home holds particular significance to them.

As there are usually thousands of such items to sift through, this can obviously impede progress and requires extra time.

To that end, we understand this is not a simple process and that these things – while perhaps trivial to most of us – are very real to them and that some empathy and patience will go a long way.

We usually start the relationship by gaining the hoarder’s trust and then slowly move-on to having them agree to part with some less sentimental items and gradually move up to the more cherished items.

We also spend some time assessing what really is important in their lives and try to ensure that those items are kept. It’s very easy to assume that everything in the house ‘needs to go’ and we try very hard to help people keep that connection with their valued property and items.

Photo collections and jewellery are two of the more obvious examples, but there are more and we do our best to identify and keep an eye out for them while we are removing items from the home. 

The 5 Degrees Of Hoarding Behaviour Include:

Hoarding Cleanup Companies In Oshawa & Durham Region

Level One

This stage of the hoarding cycle is where there are early signs that a problem may be developing, but isn’t at the point where intervention is needed.

For example, the doors and stairs aren’t blocked, the overall clutter isn’t too bad, there are no excessive odours, etc.

Best Hoarding Cleanout Companies

Level Two

At this stage, things are getting worse and it becomes apparent that a more significant problem is developing.

Now we see that one or more exits are blocked by clutter and/or debris, the HVAC may not be working properly (or at all), you can smell pet odours, minimal housekeeping occurs, kitchen is dirty, garbage is overflowing, there’s visible evidence of rodent and insect activity, etc.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Companies In Oshawa

Level Three

As the hoarding progresses, everything worsens including things normally being stored indoors beginning to move outdoors (like TVs, couches, appliances, etc.).

Household pets may not be cared for, rodents may be present, stairs are now blocked by clutter and a room or two may now be unusable due to excessive storage.

The premises will most likely be dusty and dirty, the smell of rotting garbage and leftover foods will begin to overwhelm the environment and dirty laundry will begin to pile up in various places.

Extreme Cleaning Companies In Durham Region

Level Four

As things worsen, structural damage to the home progresses and occupying the premises becomes dangerous.

At this point, all attempts at cleaning have been abandoned. With visible mold and mildew buildup, plugged toilets and sinks, dirt, garbage, rotting food and virtually no space to move freely.

The progression leads to local wildlife, rodent and insect infestations, bed bugs and lice, hazardous and flammable materials being stored inside and worse.

Oshawa Durham Region Affordable Extreme Cleaning

Level Five

This level represents the most extreme hoarding cases and requires maximum effort with regard to removal, cleaning and disposal services.

Not unlike the representations we’ve seen on television (Hoarders), this is where you start getting into things such as unsafe structural damage, holes in walls, disconnected water and power, plumbing problems and more.

You may also see rodents and other pests and insects are in plain sight.

Utility areas like the kitchen and bathrooms are too cluttered and no longer usable and the smell of human feces, rotting food and other garbage is overwhelming and becoming too toxic for habitation.

Five Star Review

My mother developed a serious hoarding problem and we really didn't know what to do. We called James & Amanda and they were able to get everything cleaned up AND set up some connections for my mom to get extra supports. She's doing much better now and her house is still the way you left it - clean. Thanks so much for all of your help and generous support!

- Alex R.

Five Star Review

We originally tried hiring another company to come and help with our hoarding relative, but they didn't have any patience and didn't seem to understand what they were dealing with. After an on-site meeting Junk Runners, we knew we'd picked the right people to help. They did an amazing job and continue to check-in with us to this day. They are great people with an obvious knack for this.

- Randy L.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and costs for (extreme) hoarding cleaning vary depending on the scope of the work and the condition of the property.

Have us come out to take a look so we can give you an accurate quote.

Unfortunately, we have not heard of an insurance company ever covering all or even part of a hoarding cleaning company’s fees.

That being said, we do recommend that you call your specific insurer and enquire.

Every situation is unique, but we would say that the average time it takes from start to finish would be in the 3-5 day range.

Each home is different, as are the amount of items needed to be removed. The scope of the damage and cleaning needed are factors and the level of co-operation from the hoarder will play a large role in the amount of time spent as well.

We’re physically based in Oshawa, but we help clients all over the Greater Toronto Area that includes Toronto, Peel Region and York Region.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Just give us a call and we will come out to the property to perform an on-site inspection and give you a quote for the job.

We can start immediately.

Just give us a call and we’ll set up a day and time that is convenient for you to come out and assess what needs to be done.

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